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What is a Bio Tourist ? A Bio Tourist is a person that likes fresh air, organic village food, healthy sleep, some physical activity and desire to discover a whole new world and live a different life. While pursuing new adventures and opportunities for bio tourism, the bio tourist contributes to the development of a profitable and efficient way of protect the environment.

Thanks to the the internet, travelling today is easier and a bio tourist can discover new destinations around the world.

BioTourism and Eco Tourism
Ecotourism at Conservation International - Directory with eco tourism organisations and destinations worldwide.
Ecotourism Activity Guide - Ecotourism associated activities and organizations. - On-line magazine with listings of ecotourism, bio operators, ecologic lodges, private guides and other travel services.
The International Ecotourism Society
directory of eco-tours and eco-lodges
Global journal of practical ecotourism
promoting responsible eco travel and tourism.
excellent travel guide for conscientious backpackers
- Adventure travel and ecotourism.
- Environmental directory, with links to eco-tour operators
South America ecotourism and eco-holidays. Big volcano ecotourism resource centre - A comprehensive guide to ecotourism, the environment, development, ESD, activism, and best practice in the tourism and travel industry.
Basecamp Explorer - Worldwide destinations and philosophy.
Crooked Trails - Is a Non-profit community organization promoting travel and study tours, and village-based cultural exchanges with indigenous peoples in South America, Asia, and Africa.
Cross Cultural Journeys - Cultural opportunities for individuals and groups.
Discovery Initiatives - London agency offers unique holidays, including walking the wilderness trail and wildlife conservation programs.
Dolphin Charters - Rates and schedules for small group wildlife and photography cruises in southeast Alaska, California, Baja, British Columbia, Mexico, the Galapagos and San Francisco.
DreamWeaver Travel Company - Presents itineraries, guidelines, and travel ethics for guided tours to West Africa and South America.
Earth Routes - Provides worldwide destination and project information with links to travel advisories and home exchange opportunities.
EcoVentures Nature Tours and Travel - Offering guided small group tours and customized tours for individual travelers.
Ecovolunteer - Offer opportunities to help local wildlife organizations with nature protection programs. Information about the organization, destinations, projects and conditions of participation.
Ecovolunteer - Information for travellers volunteering to participate in environmental projects worldwide.
Environmental Adventure Company - Itineraries and guide profiles for wildlife and cultural travel experiences in North and South America.
Footloose Forays - Selection of small group educational trips into the natural world, from day trips to three week adventures.
Green Travel Network - Yahoo groups forum with focus on sustainable tourism.
Greentours Natural History Holidays - UK based company offers worldwide natural history tours.
Hosking Tours - Details and itineraries for photographic tours and safaris to a range of destinations.
International Wildlife Adventures - Offering trips around the world to observe and photograph wildlife including polar bears. Led by professional photographers and naturalists.
Journeys International, Inc. - With more than 300 eco-trips to 45 worldwide destinations for nature and culture explorations.
Kalahari Management Inc. - Information and consultancy for the ecotourism industry.
La Hesperia - Volunteer working programs at La Hesperia biological station and cloudforest reserve in central Ecuador. Includes requirements and conditions, rates, FAQ, and program details.
Manaca Ecotravel - Offers worldwide tours. Includes destination details with ecological assessment ratings.
Moloney Hand-Built Trips - Personally guided wildlife expedtions worlwide.
Naturetrek - Selection of international tours, treks and cruises guided by British naturalists.
New Jersey Audubon Society - Information on North American and International Eco-tours focused on birds and other wildlife.
One World Journeys - Offering expeditions dedicated to connecting people with the planet. Includes schedules, past journeys, and environmental articles. - Virtual library archiving more than 8,000 pages about ecotourism and conservation. Includes contacts and bibliographies.
Reef and Rainforest - Offers educational family adventure holidays worldwide.
ResponsibleTravel - Ethical travel resource providing information about the environmental impact of tourism, respect for local cultures and laws, photography, and banned souvenirs.
Sustainable Travel International - Non-profit organization that supports and promotes ecotourism, through education and outreach. Includes employment opportunities and programs.
Tours of Exploration - Offers soft adventure, birdwatching, wildlife viewing, natural history, culture, and ecotourism programs worldwide
Voyage of the Wanderbird - Operates long distance sailing cruises that provide informal education and interactive wildlife research projects.
Wildspace Expeditions - Personalised Indian and African wildlife tours catering to small private groups.
WildWatch Tours - Offer escorted wildlife and photographic tours. Includes destination information, guide profile, and enquiry form.
World Primate Safaris - Presents destination and accommodation options, suggested itineraries, terms and conditions, and contact details.
Worlds Together Travel Network - Immersion travel and cultural opportunities in Jamaica, Dominica Republic, Belize, and Egypt. Includes destination information and trip reports.
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